The natural world and the human body

The Biology Department introduces students to the structure and function of living systems, from the complexity of cellular components to organism dynamics and ecosystem design. Two majors are available, each with a different focus and unique employment opportunities. There are also a variety of minor-degree programs.


Biology is the scientific discipline that investigates life in all forms.
A bachelor’s degree in biology prepares students for graduate, medical, optometry, dentistry and veterinary medical schools, as well as for employment in the fields of environmental science, biotechnology and teaching.


The rapidly growing field of neuroscience aims to understand the structure and function of the human brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

This interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience, housed in the Department of Biology & Physical Education, is designed to add depth and breadth to a student’s education by exploring the nervous system from multiple perspectives, including biology, psychology and chemistry. Biology and psychology majors can declare a concentration in neuroscience, while students from other disciplines such as chemistry, nursing, computer science and others will benefit by gaining interdisciplinary exposure to this field.

The program includes minors in biology as part of its science core. Students can also pursue a minor in coaching or health.

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