Biology students are engaged in the study of life. At Norwich University, students immerse themselves in disciplines ranging from cell and molecular biology to ecology and conservation. It is a program that stresses quality lectures, one-on-one instruction and meaningful research.

Opportunities for field and lab work expand every year, and the students involved learn how to apply the knowledge they gain in their coursework to real-world questions.

Mold our program to meet your needs

A core curriculum of science, mathematics and English courses ensures development of analytical and communication skills. Seven free biology electives and 10 totally free electives allow students to mold their biology degree to meet specific career goals and support minors, double majors and personal interests.

Students interested in pursuing careers in medicine and related fields or attending graduate school may follow a pre-medical or pre-dental track list of courses, and a special Health Advisory Committee assists in the preparation and placement of graduates into their chosen health-related program. Anyone interested in teaching biology can build in a Teacher Education program.

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