Five New Faculty Members Join COSM

Newsletter of the College of Science & Mathematics

Five New Faculty Members Join COSM

Tabetha Hole, PhD

Astrophysicist Tabetha Hole joined the physics faculty this fall as an assistant professor. This semester she is teaching two sections of PS211(University Physics) and an upper level Mechanics course. Hole earned her PhD in astronomy with a minor in physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has been awarded grants for research involving Chandra X-Ray Telescope data. Hole’s ongoing research investigates supernova structure and massive star winds. “This year, I’m working with a student on computer modeling of the material ejected in supernova explosions, in order to explore their composition,” Hole says.

Allison Neal, PhD

New Assistant Professor of Biology Allison Neal, PhD, (pictured above) joined the faculty of the Department of Biology and Physical Education this semester. Neal currently teaches Biology 101 and a senior level ecology course, where her students undertake original research projects. In the spring, Neal will teach the courses Principles of Biology, Parasitology, and Evolution. Neal earned her doctorate from UVM and conducts research on parasite ecology and evolution.

Simon Pearish, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology Simon Pearish received his PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology from the University of Illinois, Urbana. At Norwich, he will teach Natural History of Vertebrates, Principles of Biology, Microbiology, Ecology, and Animal Behavior. “My previous work focused on consistent individual differences in behavior in non-human animals, a.k.a. animal personality,” Pearish says. “I will continue this work at Norwich in addition to pursuits in more applied areas of research in the fields of fisheries management or water resource management.” A soccer enthusiast, Pearish has also organized a weekly pickup indoor game on campus.

Amanda Tepfer, PhD

Amanda Tepfer, PhD, joined the Department of Biology and Physical Education this fall as an assistant professor of physical education, where she is teaching Motor Skills I and Foundation in Health and co-teaching with Tom Roberge Outdoor Ed. Amanda completed her PhD at Oregon State University earlier this year. Her research focuses on the role motor skill proficiency plays in other developmental domains, particularly school readiness. Amanda says she hopes to build an adapted physical education program that includes outreach and partnerships with the community and local schools.

Also joining COSM this fall: Justin Zabrosky, Lecturer of Sports Medicine.