At Norwich University, we believe mathematics is the universal tool. The skills you develop as an undergraduate can be applied to a host of disciplines, including biology, engineering, physics and beyond.

Outside of the hard sciences, these tools can be applied to many fields: Computer scientists write algorithms every day that have a firm foundation in mathematics. Psychology and criminal justice specialists regularly use statistical methods.

Mathematics has a mesmerizing dual nature; it is a source of problems and beautiful results in its own right:

  • Can we calculate the rate at which fluid is entering or leaving a region of the brain?
  • How can “imaginary numbers” help us compute real quantities?
  • Can we trust the conclusions of a poll in a newspaper?

At Norwich, we offer flexibility, hands-on experience, world-class faculty and extracurricular opportunities matched by few small universities.

Flexibility and experiential learning

Norwich offers enough free electives for math students to earn a minor or a double major in another field of interest. Our students pursue secondary areas of study in a variety of areas, including engineering, biology, economics, computer science, information assurance, and teacher education and licensure

Once students have mastered the foundations of mathematics, they work directly with faculty to design and carry out original research. Many have gone on to publish or present their findings at regional and national conferences.

Experience across disciplines

The department has developed a community of scholars with specialties in both pure and applied mathematics. Areas of expertise include wavelets, oceanography, ocean surveillance, graph theory, real analysis, Fourier analysis, actuarial science, statistical methods, extensions of trigonometry, abstract algebra and secondary education. Professors with graduate degrees in mathematics are responsible for teaching all courses.

Norwich has a long, proud tradition of excellence in teaching mathematics, handed down all the way from founder Capt. Alden Partridge, a mathematician and engineer. Our faculty is second-to-none in fostering undergraduate development, and has a reputation for superlative research. I hope you enjoy visiting our website. Please contact us if you need any further information.”
Photo of Robert Poodiack
Robert Poodiack, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept. of Mathematics

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